Monday, April 28, 2008

The Internet Was Right

I got this top from J. Crew last month during their "final sale" which means it can't be returned. On the website, it looked like a really pretty orange-scarlet color, but in real life it looked like my shirt was on fire. I should have heeded the name of the color: bright flame.

I decided to try to change the color. Should I make it lighter or darker? I already have black shirts and it's Spring, after all, so I decided to try to bleach it into a lineny pale orange.

On the internet, they say you can't bleach chiffon because it will burn the plastic of the fabric, which has been embedded with its color since it was created. I ignored this advice and here are the results:

The bleach really did eat up the chiffon, but it looked kind of cool like it was tie-dyed for a few minutes before I tried it on and realized the chiffon was tearing apart at the slightest touch. Then I cut off all the chiffon and left just the satin lining, which I then discovered was totally see-through (last picture). Now I think I'll use the lining to make a change-purse or something.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Fishers update

Last weekend my cousin Dan Lipinski got married near Kent. I couldn't go because I was stuck here with my bacteria and plants and a lot of writing to do. But everyone sent pictures and I put the ones of people who I recognized up here if you want to check them out. I think Heather and Jeff will be the next to get married, so maybe I'll make it to that one.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Here's what I've been working on lately.

The red and yellow purse is an Amy Butler pattern, the Swing Bag, made from leftovers of one of her first fabrics that I've had for ages until I finally found a quilt pattern that was worth cutting it for. I'll post the quilt when I finish it.

The quilt and the quilted bag are made with patchwork made from my new favorite patchwork pattern, the Disappearing Nine Patch. I made up the purse pattern. Look out Vera Bradley!

Here's the link to the tutorial for the disappearing Nine Patch.

It's a really simple, easy pattern, but when you use great fabrics it looks like much more.

Monday, April 7, 2008

My future craft room

Brian has done a lot of work on the 3rd floor of his house in Baltimore--just in time for me to move in and set up shop! The room has slanted ceilings and I've bumped my head a couple of times but am getting used to it. Brian just finished the moldings and as you can see there's still a little to be done. The nail gun, drill, and a bag of trash still live up there.This part will be the guestroom. Bed frame, lamp, etc. to come someday soon.
This is where I see my craft table, sewing machine, and pile of fabric. Notice the paint job and how it looks all 3-D? We did that a few months ago and I really like it.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I joined ravelry

Even though I'm supposed to be writing my dissertation ever hour of every day until it's done, I have also been poking around online looking for craft projects. Ravelry is a "knit and crochet community" and is home to tons of crafters who share their patterns, advice, etc. online. It's really fun to check out if you have time (and no dissertation to write).