Friday, December 21, 2007

Here are my contributions to our display of Christmas decorations. My stocking looks like it was store-bought, because of the printed picture on the front. Maybe mine was bought before you all were born, and Aunt Nina said, "I could so make that," and made yours.
We have a nice-looking tree this year. Susan and Jim picked it out, and Susan put the lights on and decorated it. She favors all-white lights, and since she's the only one living at home this year, she won the argument. The tree went up really easily, but the next day we noticed that it was leaning precariously, and in the process of adjusting it we broke the stand. So it stood propped up in the corner until we could buy another stand. It seems secure enough now.

I just finished my new Christmas quilted wallhanging last week. It won 3rd prize in my quilting guild's challenge contest. The pictures are done with regular crayons, and the "portraits" are little quilts, which are then mounted on a bigger background quilt.
Linda and I made the cookies. Aren't they fancy? Pam and I learned how to do it at our Craft Club. I think the reindeer are especially cute.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

My stocking

I have the same stocking, Reenie. For some reason, I thought we had made those stockings, with Kathy's help. Anyway, I've been giving the credit to Kathy for mine! Mine still has the little holly berry on it, too.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Finally, the pictures are developed

So I got my pictures developed, and I have something to add to the blog. I have been messing around with fondant cakes. Jedy and I both did the pumpkin for Halloween, and I did the fall one for a party at Chuck and Judy's new house. Eric said it made him feel very Canadian. It is not easy to work with, but I think this is something even Diane could do!


Merry Christmas everyone!

Out with the Halloween costumes and turkeys, and in with the Christmas crafts! I haven't finished anything other than my cards yet, but we are decorating, and finding fun things in our boxes of Christmas decorations. This stocking was made by Aunt Nina long ago - she always spelled my nickname with one "e"! I think each of us got one of these, though I'm not sure Diane was even born when she made them - does anyone else still have theirs? I've been using mine for a few years now - the glitter is still holding up, and there's still one plastic holly berry attached!
Our tree is decorated - we put it in front of the living room window, which made it hard to get a good picture. It's actually a very nicely shaped tree, though it's not very photogenic - in this picture it looks lopsided! Note Mom's Christmas tablecloth used as a tree skirt! Every year I say I'm going to make a tree skirt, but then I always end up just draping fabric around the tree. This year I managed to get a pattern for a tree skirt.

I made some of my cards this year, with stuff from my favorite paper store, Paper Source, which is conveniently located in our neighborhood shopping area! I used as a background, some letterpress cards with pine branches on them, that were on sale last year after Christmas. I only had 16 of them, so I couldn't make all my cards this year, but then I usually lose interest after that many anyway! I did them in two color combinations with a new paper design that I love, called Vintage Snowflakes. While I was at it, I lined the envelopes with matching paper.
Now it's on to trying to machine quilt a Christmas quilt that I put together years ago...

I KNOW you're making stuff

Don't tell me it's mid-December and you guys haven't made anything! Maybe you're like me and can't post because the recipients will see it and ruin the surprise. Mom, weren't we talking about something you had to add here?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Dress Alterations

Before (is this really what I look like dancing?) After (acting mean)

My friends and I threw a party this weekend with the theme of "The Hills", an MTV pseudo-reality show that takes place in LA. The girls on the show are in their early 20's and go out wearing cute party dresses and tons of makeup, so a theme party was easy. After spending $35 on a Halloween costume (chains are not cheap), I was determined to spend nothing on my outfit, so I took an old dress from New Year's Eve 2005 and altered it to fit current trends. I cut the top off and used an old pair of tights to make straps and a bubble skirt. I wore tights and a tank top underneath because the skirt was really see-through, but if you're going to wear a mini tank dress in December, tights and layers are a good idea anyway!