Monday, August 16, 2010

Flea Market Find!

There's a new antiques and flea market in San Francisco now at Candlestick Park, and Dan and I went on Sunday. I found this Vera Christmas tablecloth - I remember having Vera tablecloths and towels, and scarves back in the 70's. She was a very popular designer back then, known for her bright and modern floral designs. (There was another tablecloth with her bright yellow poppies design - I could swear I owned a linen towel with that design at one point!) I had heard that her designs are being revived. In fact, in New York I bought some file folders with her designs at the Museum shop. I don't think I had ever seen this Christmas design. The tablecloth is quite large, and my first thought is to cut a hole in it and make it a tree skirt - I need a tree skirt! When I got it home I realized that it's not round though, it's oval. Still could do it, but I don't know...anyone have any other ideas for ways to "re-purpose" this??

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Last wedding post

Okay, one more wedding post before I move on to another set of projects entirely.
When I planned my wedding I tried to ignore the traditions that were expensive or frivolous or that I knew would cause me stress. That sounds rational, right? Until I tell you that two of the things I skipped were wedding favors and bridesmaid gifts. Sorry, dear friends and family who traveled to Baltimore on a holiday weekend, but I didn't feel like wrapping Jordan almonds for you!
That's bad enough, but thinking about my best friends who were helping with the wedding and bought a $165 dress that I chose going home without even a momento of the weekend started to feel very selfish. But what could I get for these amazing women who already have it all?And on my budget of no dollars? Like many of my wedding items, I turned to Etsy and found patterns galore for purses that I figured could make to match the bridesmaid dresses. I bought this pattern and tried it for myself. It wasn't quite right so I added 3 inches to the middle and tried again. It turned out really cute and I made 4 moreassembly-line style.
To make it a little more practical (I did make sure it could hold a small camera and phone, but it's still tiny) I packed a nylon grocery tote from Baggu inside too. This was a Martha Stewart suggestion and it broke my cheapness rule, but I kept 2 for myself and I love them, so I'm pretty sure my bridesmaids and bride's man will love them too.