Monday, December 22, 2008

Modified J.Crew

I bought this silk top from J.Crew on super sale a couple of months ago. It is a gorgeous color but the shape is kind of boring and matronly. The neckline accentuates the gathering at the waist and the overall effect is like a potato sack. But it cost money and I lost the reciept, so why not try to alter it? As you can see on the top right, it is also a little big.

So I tried to redo the neckline and take the sides in just a bit. The finished result is imperfect, but at least I'll probably wear it once now to try it out. Better, right? The neckline is not as
smooth as it could be, but it's okay.

Update 1/9/09: I'm wearing the shirt at work today. This confirms that the project is a complete success because I never would have worn it otherwise. Also, Brian said I looked nice and he probably doesn't even remember hating this shirt the first time around!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My group quilt project

I have been quilting lately with a group of 6 other women who also belong to the San Francisco Quilt Guild. Our guild is having a quilt show next March, and we decided to enter a group quilt in the show. We debated a bunch of ideas for a group quilt and decided on this one: we are taking this landscape image, which is from a calendar that one of the women had.

We printed a large copy of the image and cut it vertically into 7 sections. Each of us will make a quilt panel 10" wide by 46" long depicting our "slice" of the image. Then we will hang them all side-by-side to reassemble the image. We are all going to aim for the same size panel, and the general color scheme in the picture, but otherwise are free to make the image with whatever techniques we want. Hopefully when it's hung up, the picture will be recognizable! I've never even seen a quilt done this way, though some of the women have. It sounds like a fun project!

At our last meeting, we cut up the photo, and here is my "slice":

I think I got a good section, with a little bit of everything in it. I haven't started yet, but have been looking at books and magazines for ideas, and I have a pattern printed out on a big sheet of paper to use as a guide.
I will post progress as I make it. The whole quilt has to be done by Feb. 1 so I think I'll get busy on it once the holidays are over.