Monday, October 24, 2011

Design Inspiration from LA

 The last time Zac was in San Francisco, he said he'd like me to make him a quilt!  So we were talking about possible designs, and then Dan and I were in LA to visit him a couple weeks ago, and we all went to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) to see the exhibit "California Design, 1930-1965".  It had all kinds of cool things from the time period, from the first Airstream trailer to clothes, furniture, and a full mock-up of an Eames design house.  Several of the textiles made us think about possible quilt designs.

This one is an Eames textile that we liked.  I could imagine making quilt squares with the Xs and dots and uneven borders.  Zac suggested using large blocks and making the quilt just 20 big squares - we're working on that idea.

This is the book on the exhibit that was for sale in the gift shop.  Zac likes the solid-color stripes.  I don't remember seeing this in the exhibit, but apparently it was the cover of a Frank Sinatra album!  It could make a nice quilt, just using the strips of solid color fabrics.

Wouldn't both of these make great quilts?  And I don't even have a picture of Zac's other favorite item -  the bathing suit with the giant lobster on it!