Monday, June 11, 2012

Our group quilt

This is a photo of our San Francisco quilt guild booth at a street fair in Berkeley this weekend.  These two quilts are the "Opportunity quilts" being raffled off as a fundraiser for the guild.  This is a major source of revenue for the guild and up until a couple months ago, we had no prospect of a quilt for this.  Usually we have one Opportunity quilt ready about a year before our semi-annual quilt show (now scheduled for March 2013).  So my Wednesday sewing circle rallied and decided to try to make a quilt, and we "whipped up" the quilt on the left, which we named Diamond Ripple.  In the meantime, another sewing circle made the one on the right, which they named Fair and Square.  Both quilts debuted this weekend to begin ticket sales.

Our quilt  started with some silk tie samples that one of our members had gotten from a local factory.  We made 4-patches and then framed them with the mottled solid fabrics in earth tones.  Set them on point, added a border, and someone in our guild, who does machine quilting professionally, offerred to quilt it for us.  Last week in a couple marathon sessions, we  added the binding, sleeve, and label.  Viola!  We think it looks very elegant and somewhat masculine.  So - let  the fundraising begin!

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