Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Ohio Stars" trip

Earlier this month, we four sisters, Kathy, Reenie, Pam and Diane, got together to attend the American Quilt Society's big quilt show in Cincinatti.  We had such a great time!  We shared a hotel room and we all attended classes, enjoyed the quilt show, shopped til we dropped at the vendors, and enjoyed a lot of good meals and drinks together.  Here are a few highlights:

 Diane embraced quilting by diving into a hand-piecing class, where she made a little 9-patch, all by hand.  She also did some hand applique, which I didn't photograph for some reason. 

Meanwhile, Pam took a class the first day and arrived back at the hotel room with this completed quilt top!  It was kind of a mystery quilt - she didn't know what she was making til she got there.  She wins the prize for the biggest accomplishment of the show!  The greens are gorgeous - she is planning to make this quilt a bit bigger by adding another checkerboard border.
 These are the pieces that Kathy and I made at our first classes.  On the top are three house blocks that Kathy made.  I helped her pick the fabrics so I'm biased, but aren't the colors great?  I took a class in the Pineapple block and got the pattern book and ruler to make some variations on the pineapple block.  I made the six blocks shown here on the print background.  I'm not that thrilled with my choice of fabrics for these, so I'm not sure just how I'll finish this.
 This quilt was in the show and was part of an exhibit by the Cincinatti branch of the modern quilt guild, where they made modern interpretations of the classic Ohio Star block.  They had about 20 different quilts in this part of the show, and these quilts were among my favorites.  I think we should all make Ohio Star blocks as souvenirs of the trip!
 One day Diane and I had a free morning while Kathy and Pam were in a class, so we went to the Contemporary Art Museum.  They had a big exhibit on the Art of Music Videos.  It gave us the opportunity to pose with Devo hats, mimicing their album cover!

Back at the quilt show, Kathy and Pam were taking a class to make these stars for a medallion quilt.  These are Pam's.

And these are Kathy's.

The trip was a blast and we're already planning to do it again next year - either return to this show, or maybe go to the big show in Padukah, KY in May.  Anyone want to join us??

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