Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter Craft

I saw this post on PurlBee before Easter and really wanted to make the Sheep Pillow. It looked so easy that even a new mom could do it. I ambitiously ordered the supplies but then remembered that Russell prefers to sleep in my arms instead of his crib. I think I got one sheep cut out over a period of 3 days and almost called it quits, but then one Saturday we went on a long walk and Russ fell asleep in the Ergo Carrier so I just let him sleep while strapped to my chest and sewed for 2 hours. I made 3 sheep pillows. 1 for James, my neighbor's 15 month old, one for Clara, my high school friend Kate's 14 month old, and one for Elise, my bff Monika's 2 year old. Monika sent a picture of the pillow and her newborn boy Gabe.
He seems suspicious of it, but I'm sure it will grow on him :)

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